Exhibition Zone A

  • 1 – 9 sq. m. floor space: 550,-€ per sq. m.
  • Additional sq. m.: 500,-€
  • After purchasing 18 sq. m., the additional sq. m. is: 450,-€


Exhibition Zone B

  • 1 – 9 sq. m. floor space: 450,- € per sq. m.

Basic hiring of floor space includes:

  • Exhibition space (floor space only: no shell scheme, furniture, carpet or other furnishings are included)
  • Acknowledgement as an exhibitor in the programme with logo and contact information
  • One conference bag with the programme
  • Participant list before the start of the conference
  • Security and technical supervision
  • Two exhibitor badges up to 9 sq. m., one more badge for each additional 3 sq. m.