Chair instructions

Role of the chair 

The chair of the session holds a key position in making the programme run as smoothly as possible. The chair is considered an expert in the field and therefore is very important in supporting the speakers as well as giving the participants a good session. These guidelines are to help the chair before, during and after the session.

Before the conference 

If the session includes abstracts, these will be sent to you by EPUAP Secretariat. Please familiarise yourself with the abstracts. If necessary, contact the presenters directly.

Please prepare few questions for each presenter in case no one from the audience will ask the presenter and start the discussion after the presentation.

Right before your session 

Please arrive in the auditorium at least 10 minutes before the session starts. There will be coordinators present in the room, preparing name signs, water etc. and welcoming the participants. Please ask any question you may have and they will be happy to help you.The coordinators will be also responsible for all devices and audio equipment and will make sure that they operate as planned. They can assist you in any technical question you may have.

During your session 

Please make sure that the programme runs according to the schedule, you can possibly remind the speakers of the time limit of their presentation.

Please ask the presenters to speak slowly and clearly for the sake of non-native English speakers.
If a presentation cannot be given or if a presenter does not appear (no-show), please fill out the remaining time with questions or start a discussion.

Discussion: Take charge of the discussion period. Recognise questions from the audience and allow each person who would like to do so to participate in the discussion. Ask the participant to introduce herself/himself and to speak slowly into the microphone. If you think it is necessary, repeat or paraphrase the question or the answer, to make sure that everybody can follow the discussion.

Comments from the chair: Comment on the data presented in relation to accepted current knowledge. The audience may believe that the lack of comments from the chairs means acceptance, or agreement, on the presented data.

Right after your session

Your feedback is important to some presenters and they may want to stay to discuss their presentation with you. If you have time, we appreciate your extra effort.

If you have any questions before, during or after the conference, please email the EPUAP conference secretariat (