The EPUAP 2019 preliminary programme is available for download HERE.

The programme is subject to change.

This years joint programme includes:

  • key sessions,
  • free paper sessions,
  • student free paper sessions,
  • large selection of workshops in both languages,
  • industry workshops and symposia,
  • award sessions,
  • round table.

EPUAP 2019 confirmed speakers:

Dr. Alison Porter Armstrong, Ulster University, United Kingdom

Prof. Dan Bader, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Prof. Dimitri Beeckman, Ghent University, Belgium

Emanuele Cereda, MD, PhD, Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia, Italy

Prof. Guido Ciprandi, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù, Italy

Aglecia Budri, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

Prof. Amit Gefen, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Dr. Anthony Gélis, Université de Montpellier, France

Dr. Rolf Jelnes, Sygehus Soenderjylland, Soenderborg, Denmark

Dr. Jan Kottner, Charité University Hospital Berlin, Germany

MD. David Lebeaux, Institut Pasteur, France

Pat McCluskey, Cork University Hospital, Ireland

Claus Moser, Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Niamh Mc Lain,  Tissue Viability Nurse, Ireland

Prof. Zena Moore, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

Dr. Benoît Nicolas, Pôle Saint Hélier, France

Prof. Jane Nixon, Institute of Clinical Trials Research, Leeds, United Kingdom

Dr. Tom O’Connor, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

Prof. Cees Oomens, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands

Prof. Sebastien Probst, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Sandrine Robineau, Pôle Saint Hélier, France

Prof. Dominique Sigaudo-Roussel, Université Lyon 1, France

Prof. Lisette Schoonhoven, University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands

Helen Strapp, Adelaide & Meath Hospital, Ireland

Dr. Luc Téot, University Hospital Montpellier, France

Trudie Young, Welsh Wound Innovation Center, United Kingdom