The “European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel” was created in London in December 1996 to lead and support all European countries in the efforts to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. At its inaugural meeting in London in December 1996, which included experts from many European countries, the group of over twenty agreed their mission statement and the initial Executive Board and Trustees.

The mission


To provide the relief of persons suffering from or at risk of pressure ulcers through:

  • research in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers,
  • raising awareness on the importance of prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers,
  • influencing pressure ulcer policy in all European countries,
  • working towards an adequate patient centered and cost effective pressure ulcer care



A very important activity for the EPUAP is the annual conference. These meetings are aimed at bringing together clinical care practitioners, researchers and people from industry, to discuss the current status of the problem in Europe and the world and to discuss new developments in pressure ulcer prevention, treatment and care.


To read more about the EPUAP, please visit the EPUAP website.